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Pancakes for all Canadians

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Pancakes for all Canadians

Go back to the first tour in Bosnia, there were only fifteen Canadians in Sarajevo and I was the senior individual so we didn’t get an awful lot of support from the Canadian contingent because they were two front lines away from us and it was difficult to get through all of the checkpoints to get in to us so we tended to survive on care packages that my wife would send to us. On one occasion she sent me pancake mix and maple syrup. So we managed to organize a pancake breakfast for all the Canadians. And the interesting thing about that was not only the fact that we all were given the time off to have breakfast together which was no mean feat but also I remember a young leading seaman trying to convince the local kitchen staff that the pancakes were okay because in Bosnian cuisine they only have crepes which are about a tenth the thickness of a pancake. And so they couldn’t understand us putting on this huge piece of batter and flipping it over and then eating it. It was quite the experience and a good one.

Mr. Mac Culloch shares a humorous story of how the fifteen Canadians in Sarajevo at the time share a pancake breakfast supplied by a care package from home.

Wayne Mac Culloch

Wayne Mac Culloch was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, in 1953 and grew up in Quebec. He began his studies at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, at the age of 18 and would serve as a military engineer in the Canadian Armed Forces for more than 40 years. During his long and varied career, Mr. Mac Culloch served across Canada and took part in three overseas deployments to the Balkans and one to Haiti before being medically discharged with the rank of major. Still having a passion to serve, he went on to work as a civilian employee with the Department of National Defence. Since 2004, Mr. Mac Culloch has volunteered his time and talents to help deliver the “Peace Module” during the Historica Encounters with Canada program in Ottawa. Week after week, he has engaged with youth from coast to coast and educated them about the sacrifices and achievements of Canadians who have served in uniform over the years.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
November 9, 2016
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Wayne Mac Culloch
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Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian Armed Forces

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