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Don’t Fail Me Without Trying

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Don’t Fail Me Without Trying

I’d like to think of it in a positive light as it was more of a protective atmosphere but it quickly revealed itself that it, you know, when it came to doing certain tasks the thought that a female can’t do the same tasks like carry something because it’s considered too heavy and it wouldn’t be lady like, you know, guys should be carrying this for you. I am wearing a uniform. I signed up. I know what I am getting myself into and I don’t want to be treated differently because I have the ability to give birth and the guy doesn’t. So, you know, when they gave the shortest, smallest guy in stature the biggest weapon to carry because they originally decided just call out a name and it was mine and they said we can’t get a girl to do it and they gave it to somebody else. I said, “At least give me the opportunity to try it and fail before you take the task away from me.” And I got a little bit miffed with it because don’t qualify my qualifications based on the fact that you think I can’t do it. I don’t want those limitations. If I try it and I fail you got an honest point but I want to be judged on my own merits, not what somebody else’s thoughts of me are without proving myself first. If I can’t do it I’ve proven that to myself and to you. It held me strong through a few battles I had but I think it has improved. It’s got some room to grow obviously but I think there is always going to be a distinction because it reflects what’s in society today. I mean we have come so far on certain attitudes and acceptance of what’s normal in our society and until, you know, there’s some generalities that just won’t change because that’s not in our nature. That just makes the stubborn ones in the crowd want to try harder.

Aware of her own capabilities, Wendy speaks about her situation in not allowing the officers to choose a trade for her because she was a woman with the idea she might fail.

Wendy Dalcourt

Ms. Wendy Dalcourt was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland October 29, 1965. During her high school years Wendy was adamant that a military career was for her and after studying at Memorial University joined the Reserves Unit as a clerk holding several different positions within office administration. Along with her In-Canada service, Wendy accepted a deployment to Afghanistan in 2012 under Roto Operation Tension in the area of HR Administration. Presently still serving, Wendy is proud to be part of Team Canada 2018 Invictus Games where she participates in the sport of w/c rugby and archery traveling to Sydney, Australia to participate in the games. Wendy holds great pride for her service with the Canadian military. She and her family reside in Etobicoke, Ontario.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
July 25, 2018
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Wendy Dalcourt
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Canadian Armed Forces
Reserves Infantry

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