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Eager to Join the Military

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Eager to Join the Military

Went down to the recruiting centre, went through the whole nine yards there and went to prom and a couple weeks later I got on a bus, I guess my parents dropped me off but just an easier way to say it. Went off to the MAGA and waved good bye. I was so ready. I was like let’s do this, I’m pumped. I was like I’m going to get TC. I want to be top female athlete, like I want this, let’s go, this is the beginning of my life. That’s what I had in my head. I got top female athlete, they only had five people to pick from so it wasn’t too hard but, you know. And I graduated and I was so excited and, you know, at that point too Afghanistan was still a very real possibility and at seventeen I had no real responsibility or really anything holding me back from doing whatever I wanted so I wanted the fastest, quickest way to get to Afghanistan and that was it. That didn’t work out and that’s okay everything happens for a reason so. So went to the MAGA, did basic, had an amazing time. I met some really incredible people, made friends that I will have for the rest of my life. From there for whatever reason they had slated me to go RCR which made sense being from Ontario but I had made some friends in basic and that core group of people were all going out west to join PPCLI and I said well you know I like an adventure so let’s go out west, why not, let’s go. I didn’t tell my parents and just kind of switched everything over the last couple weeks of basic training and next thing you know I graduated and I was on a plane on my way out to Alberta. It was interesting. I had never been out west before so it was very different. The cold was very different in the winter time. That was the biggest thing I remember stepping out of there and being like, oh my god, it’s cold here. Went to Wainwright, stayed on Pat platoon. I was very lucky. I didn’t stay on Pat Platoon very long. I was only there a few weeks. Went on Christmas break, came back, stayed another couple weeks and I was on a bus to Shilo. They had just said next battle school is in January, who wants to go? I said, “Heck yes I want to go, let’s get this thing done, let’s keep the momentum going kind of thing!” I went out to Shilo. That was a whole other world you know in itself. Went through battle school, graduated, got posted to PPCLI with the majority of our course I think there was only one or two people that ended up going out to Edmonton for family reasons or whatever. But the majority of us stayed in Shilo. Battalion was interesting. They just had a Roto come back from Afghanistan so the dynamic was a little different than I had expected. But I don’t think that my determination changed at all. If it had I wouldn’t have stayed as long as I did. I think it is important to say, I think I will go ahead and say this, “I wanted to be there because I wanted to be there!” I was just like everybody else. I just wanted a chance to do my job that was it.

Knowing at age 17 her destiny to become part of the military, Brittany shares with us the path she chose for herself in becoming an infantry soldier.

Brittany Larimee

Mrs. Brittany Larimee was born December 23, 1990 in Mississauga, Ontario. Graduating from high school at 17 years of age, Brittany knew she wanted to join the military so quickly began her career path. Joining the infantry, Brittany joined with PPCLI and moved west after basic training then Shilo, Manitoba where she continued with battle school training. Being involved with domestic operations in Whistler, BC, Brittany had an injury and with insufficient support received made the decision to discharge from the military after four years of In-Canada service. With the inspiration of her husband, a fellow PPCLI Veteran, together they became entrepreneurs opening a clothing line and a gym known as The Iron King, providing a safe and comfortable space for fellow Veterans and first responders. They now reside in Kingston, Ontario with their two children and hold great pride for their accomplishment of their business, The Iron King.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
October 26, 2018
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Brittany Larimee
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Canadian Armed Forces
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI)

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