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Police Patrol in Nicosia

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Police Patrol in Nicosia

We would work a twelve hour shift. We’d report for duty - we had about five Land Rovers there and we looked after the main geographic area of Nicosia which had been the capital, which is quite a large city, which was basically split in two by the, you may have heard of the, what they call the Green Line, which is the Turkish Cypriots on one side and the Greek Cypriots on the other. So our job there was to provide policing services for the United Nations for all the contingents. So we would do traffic accident investigation, we would do a lot of bar patrols, patrols at night around to make sure that everybody was safe.

Mr. Halliday describes the general duty for United Nations Policing Services in Nicosia.

Dennis Halliday

Mr. Halliday was born in Springhill, Nova Scotia, and raised in a family with nine children. His father served in the Second World War. After the war, his family moved to Montréal, Quebec, where he attended school. During his high school years, Mr. Halliday became a member of the Army Cadet Corp. In 1974, he joined the Canadian Forces and became a member of the United Nations Policing Company. During his military career, Mr. Halliday accepted a six-month deployment to Cyprus. After 12 years of military service, Mr. Halliday retired, moved to Belfast, Prince Edward Island, and became employed as a security officer with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Charlottetown.

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