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Going Through Trauma Together

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Going Through Trauma Together

You will never get comradery or friendship as tight as when you go through a trauma together. Like these guys are all your brothers, and that brothers in arms, and when you know they're watching your back and you’re watching their back and the tightness that develops from trust and from going through it together is second to none. We are a country of soldiers that are, that adapt and overcome. We are constantly used to changes and we’re constantly adapting and we manage to perform properly.

Mr. Bilinskis provides a sense of tightness that develops amongst the soldiers while adapting to their surroundings.

John Bilinskis

Mr. John Bilinskis was born July 26, 1967 in Montreal, Quebec. With a strong military background of his mother, father and grandfather serving in the Second World War, Mr. Bilinkis carried the strong fascination for the service. When making the decision to join the army, Mr. Bilinskis joined with 3 Royal Canadian Regiment holding rank of Corporal . After living in Germany for two years and being trained as a combat soldier, Mr. Bilinskis was selected to be a part of Operation Harmony where soldiers of 3 RCR November Company travelled to Sarajevo for the purpose of providing humanitarian aid and reopening of the airport. For this service, Mr. Bilinkis was awarded with recognition Commander-In-Chief Commendation for his participation in this effort. After discharge from the Canadian Forces, Mr. Bilinskis moved to Ontario where he resides with his wife and family.

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John Bilinskis
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