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Thank God for us who were the lucky ones.

Heroes Remember

Thank God for us who were the lucky ones.

The 11th of November, it means to me, is a time that we get together and we remember our fallen comrades. Makes no matter what service they were in - to remember them, pay tribute to them. And then thank God for us, who were the lucky ones, who were able to come home and enjoy life, enjoy a country like Canada and the freedom we have. You know, when I was up in Russia there, last May, two years, year ago, over a year ago, and see the people in the streets and they’re shouting out, “Freedom, freedom, freedom” you know? And I had the privilege of being interviewed by the Russian media, and I told them, you know, about what our job was, bringing the supplies, the tanks, the guns, the ammunition, and everything to Russia so they can keep up the fight against our enemy. “In our country we have freedom.” I said, “We can call our Prime Minister down, and say what we like to him, and we won’t be put in jail,” you know. But I said, “The only thing when you go in the building, don’t shout out fire or things like that,” you know. And I said, “We have,” I said, “We have democracy. It may not be perfect, but it’s better than what’s in the world today. And we proved that.”

Mr. Evans reflects on the loss of everyone involved in the Second World War, gives thanks for his own survival, and describes a pilgrimage to Russia.

George Harold Evans

George Harold Evans was born March 17, 1926 in St. John’s, Newfoundland. He was one of thirteen children. His father, a First World War Veteran, worked in the Newfoundland fishery and Mr. Evans fished with his father.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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George Harold Evans
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Second World War
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