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Do Your Best to Protect...

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Do Your Best to Protect...

The war was a great experience, it taught us many things. Of course, we didn’t start the war we just had to... build up, get strong and protect yourself so on and so forth but, I mean war is not the, not the answer to anything at all I don’t think. If it’s necessary to protect our country, by all means follow, follow the leader and do your best to protect your family, your friends and so on so forth from the war. But if you can avoid it at all, if it’s not necessary, by all means do your best to avoid starting a war or getting into a war or anything like that but when you can’t, you don’t have any choice you have to protect yourself. You have to.

Mr. Husbands offers his thoughts about war in general, and the need to defend ones family and country.

Lloyd Husbands

Lloyd Husbands, one of nine children, was born in Montreal, Quebec. He worked in an asbestos shop to help support his family, and admits that constant irritation from the asbestos led him to enlist in 1942. After basic training, Mr. Husbands became a telegrapher and took advanced training at Kingston, Ontario. He served in post D-Day France and Belgium as a signalman. After the war, Mr. Husbands joined the CNR, his career lasting thirty-eight years.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
Person Interviewed:
Lloyd Husbands
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Second World War

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