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Long Months of Training

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This video contains graphic content that may offend some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Long Months of Training

Interviewer: During the spring of 1942, the situation in Russia was grim, the Germans of course had pressed forward again into the southern part of Russia and Stalin was crying out for a second front. Yeah, we knew that. Interviewer: You would be aware of that? Mhmm Interviewer: What happened in the spring of 1942? Well we heard all these blurbs about the second front and the second front and of course as far we're concerned we were looking forward to it. I don't know. You know some say well you've got a lot of bravado to think you know, you would look forward to something like this but this is not the point. We'd been in England two years and we were getting to the stage now where, hey, ya know, this is a long time. We like England, but it'd be nice to be home. We either wanna do something or go home and the second front sounded like a good deal. And like anybody else we wondered when it was gonna come and where. Interviewer: So, Mr. Curry, it started that initially there was some plans made, what... There wasn't any plans made, I mean like when Dieppe came up a lot of people thought that was the second front and we, at first, some of us when we found out that we were raiding the coast in such a large number, we did think that it might have been the second front. But of course we soon found out different for the simple reason they never gave us enough ammunition and they gave us leaflets to pass out to the french people not to help us, that this wasn't the second front. And with us, I mean, 3 inch mortar, all I had was 30 bombs and I had my revolver, I think I had 45 rounds of ammunition and I think I had 4 hand grenades and that was the total ammunition with,

Following two years of training in England and Scotland, Dieppe looms.

Kenneth Curry

Mr. Curry was born in England in 1922. He was the youngest of two brothers and emigrated to Canada with his family at the age of one. The family settled in Stoney Creek, Ontario where Mr. Curry went to school and also served in the Army reserve. Mr. Curry falsified his age by one year in order to enlist with the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. His war service included participation in the Dieppe Raid where he was taken prisoner of war.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Kenneth Curry
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Second World War
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry

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