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My name is Donald Marshall Sutherland. I was born in Toronto on the 22nd of June 1916. When I was 7, my father bought a very nice old house in Weston because he was a keen golfer and he wanted to be as close to Weston Golf Club as he possibly could be and so we moved to Weston. In those days it was a, a village I guess, or a town of 2,500 people in the northwest corner of Toronto, on the Humber. Jobs were scarce, money was scarce. I don't think that we ever actually suffered from The Depression, but it probably curtailed some of our activities. I can remember I, I joined the Bank of Commerce in about 1935 and one of the things I remember is that my salary then was $450 a year plus $100 allowance for living in Toronto. And if you had to work at nights, and of course everything was done by hand in those days, no computers, you were given money to go across the street to the local restaurant where for 35 cents you could get a three or four-course meal. My parents couldn't afford to send me to university and so that's why I joined the bank.

Mr. Sutherland talks about working with the Bank of Commerce in a small town in a two-man branch in Newcastle.

Donald Marshall Sutherland

Donald Marshall Sutherland, was born in Toronto on the 22nd of June 1916. His parents couldn't afford to send him to university and so he worked at the Bank of Commerce. After the war broke out, he joined navy as an ordinary seaman. Canada didn't have any means of training naval sailors at that time; so he was sent to England to be trained. He was involved mostly in mine dismantling. When he returned to Canada he finished his studies.

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Donald Marshall Sutherland
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Second World War

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