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A Soldier Never Lets His Guard Down

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A Soldier Never Lets His Guard Down

As a soldier, you know, you’re always, you don’t leave, you don’t let your guard down, you’re always alert so you really don’t know what can happen so a typical day would be, in Croatia, would have been, you know, doing night duty sometimes, for instance “OP” which was real, we all had our platoon, we all had our designated areas and we had our own platoon house which we called it and we were always manning it, we had security 24 hours, 24/7; pulled guard duty between two and three in the morning for instance and the next morning wake up around 5:30, 6:00; if you had the chance you’d be able to do some exercise, get some PT in; shower, shave, have breakfast and depending what was set for the day, we would have to go out and patrol certain areas or rebuild certain areas that were destroyed. It was a variety of things, either reconstructing certain buildings for us to live in or certain people to live in or patrolling. Maintenance of our vehicles, basically what we were trained for.

Mr. Bojalil describes a typical day of duty as a peacekeeper while on patrol.

Alfredo “Alphie” Bojalil

Mr. Alphie Bojalil was born in Mexico City, August 9, 1969. At the young age of 15, Mr. Bojalil had the keen desire to join the military as the discipline and adventure for travel intrigued his interest. In 1988-89, Mr. Bojalil went to Battle School in Petawawa, Ontario and joined the Royal Canadian Regiment. After his training, Mr. Bojalil was posted to Germany where he remained for 2 years. A big part of Mr. Bojalil’s military career involved his participation as a peacekeeper with 3 RCR, November Company where he and a contingent of soldiers travelled to the besiege city of Sarajevo in 1992 with their main task to reopen the airport and provide humanitarian aid and supply to the people of this city. For this, Mr. Bojalil gained recognition and was awarded the Commander-In-Chief Commendation for his participation in this effort. After discharge from the military, Mr. Bojalil became a strong advocate for his fellow soldiers involved in this mission and has tirelessly worked to bring them together for a reunion in 2009. Mr. Bojalil remains a strong voice for his service and holds great pride for his unit’s accomplishments. Mr. Bojalil married and has one daughter.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Alfredo “Alphie” Bojalil
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