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Desperate for Survival

Heroes Remember

Desperate for Survival

The air in Bosnia itself I could never, it was a rotten stench to it every morning when I woke up. A rotten stench. It was raw sewage. It was death. You could smell death in the air because the graves weren’t dug very deep. When somebody had passed away or killed on the front line, they would bring them into town and they would bury them in what they called a rock grave. They would just put them in the rock grave for now and leave it and that started smelling. We know for a fact that people used to steal clothing off the dead bodies, dig ’em up, you know, and take their boots or shoes or whatever they had. It was called survival and these people knew how to do it.

Robert Wiseman

Mr. Robert Wiseman was born October 9, 1953 in Bathurst, New Brunswick. With his father being a Veteran, and his five other brothers joining up, Mr. Wiseman made this the reason for joining the service. In 1974, fresh out of high school, Mr. Wiseman travelled to CFB Cornwallis Recruitment Camp receiving 11 weeks of training then to CFB Gagetown for advanced training as a combat soldier. Mr. Wiseman joined the army experiencing one tour to Cyprus and later in his career travelled to Bosnia holding the rank of Warrant Officer. His service in Bosnia provided humanitarian support to the Bosnian people after the Srebrenica massacre where many people were killed. After discharging from the army, Mr. Wiseman returned to Fredericton.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Robert Wiseman
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Canadian Armed Forces
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