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The Locals Attitude Towards Women

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The Locals Attitude Towards Women

It was unnerving the whole time I was there, because you couldn’t trust the locals that they would, the situations could turn sour literally in seconds. We had three female officers on the contingent whose sole responsibility was to teach women and children in the refugee camps just general mine awareness. They would be spit on regularly and pushed to the ground, that sort of thing. They could never go anywhere without escort. One of the women that I had, a young female captain, I was offered a million dollars by a Pak army officer to buy her, and he was upset when I said, “I can’t do that.” And he was insulted and then he came back a couple days later and said, “Well, it was my fault. I insulted you because I didn’t offer you enough for her,” and it was something him and his father had talked about. She was very attractive, blonde, blue-eyed, university education. She was a civil engineer and he wanted to buy her. So that sort of thing stays with you cause that is, there’s nowhere in our Canadian mentality, nobody would think that that’s appropriate but to them it was more than appropriate, it was the thing to do.

Mr. Deveau speaks about some incidents of the local people and their disrespect and inappropriate requests towards female soldiers.

Jerry Deveau

Mr. Jerry Deveau was born in Middleton, Nova Scotia on November 20, 1950. Looking for excitement, Mr. Deveau believed he was up for a reasonable challenge in life and decided to join the Canadian Forces. Mr. Deveau joined the Army and after going through a personnel selection unit held occupation of Combat Engineer. In 1990, Mr. Deveau participated in his first operational tour to Pakistan and in 1994 accepted another tour to Rwanda as Chief Warrant Officer. At the end of his military career, Mr. Deveau held rank of Major. Mr. Deveau became employed as a Peer Support Coordinator with the OSISS (Occupational Stress Injury Social Support) program, a federal government network that provides support for military personnel returning to civilian life. Mr. Deveau resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick with his family.

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Jerry Deveau
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