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The Value of What We Do

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The Value of What We Do

I think what, what we do as soldiers, as members of the Canadian Forces, is worth everyday of being in uniform. What we do to sort of represent Canada around the world doesn’t get any better than that. I think we are Canada’s credentials. How we do business is probably better than most countries including some larger countries. How individual Canadian soldiers do make a difference and that’s in things like, you know, volunteering to work at an orphanage and make sure water pumps are running and you know, that sort of thing. Other nations don’t do that and if they do, they’re just starting to do it but in Canada’s always done that. They did it in through a lot of the early UN missions. They certainly did it all through the Balkans. In Rwanda, the Sigs regiment supported a large orphanage down in the town of Butari and they went there and cleaned it up all the time and, you know, I sent some of my engineers down there, some of my construction guys. Got the water running, fixed the roofs, all that sort of thing on their time off, on their few days off that’s what they would do. So my time in the forces has been worth everyday of being in uniform

Mr. Deveau expresses his pride for what the Canadian military does for other countries and the importance of their presence there.

Jerry Deveau

Mr. Jerry Deveau was born in Middleton, Nova Scotia on November 20, 1950. Looking for excitement, Mr. Deveau believed he was up for a reasonable challenge in life and decided to join the Canadian Forces. Mr. Deveau joined the Army and after going through a personnel selection unit held occupation of Combat Engineer. In 1990, Mr. Deveau participated in his first operational tour to Pakistan and in 1994 accepted another tour to Rwanda as Chief Warrant Officer. At the end of his military career, Mr. Deveau held rank of Major. Mr. Deveau became employed as a Peer Support Coordinator with the OSISS (Occupational Stress Injury Social Support) program, a federal government network that provides support for military personnel returning to civilian life. Mr. Deveau resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick with his family.

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