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Losing Friends From War

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Losing Friends From War

I had lost, a good friend of mine in Korea was killed, a very close friend. He wasn’t killed in action. He was killed, he was called a dispatch rider who would take a message from one unit to the other by jeep. He would travel at night, of course, he went off the road and was killed over there. So that’s a memory every year. And I’ve known, you know Second War people from my town that went and never came back. My wife’s brother died in Italy. He was killed by a sniper in Italy. Yeah, November the 11th I was involved quite a bit at one time, I was heavily involved in the Legion at one time in Minto. I was president of the branch and district commander so I used to attend a lot of different places and November 11th, I’d try to get as many as I could and just lately the young people are taking an interest, you know, and I mean big time, even in Minto you see them out, you know, which is a heartwarming moment for us, you know.

Mr. Carney reflects back to the loss of close friends and family and the meaning of Remembrance Day.

Cy Carney

Mr. Cy Carney was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He grew up in a coal mining town where his father worked in the coal mine. Coal mining not being a career Mr. Carney would settle for, he decided to join the Army. In 1950, Mr. Carney joined the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals as a signalman. Mr. Carney’s initial thought was to join for three years, but his military career spanned 29 years. After the Korean War, Mr. Carney served in other missions with the Canadian Forces to include two years in Yukon, three years in Europe under NATO as a machinist, and in 1969 he was posted to Cyprus under the Black Watch as an electrician for a six month tour. After retiring from the military, Mr. Carney was employed at the Owen Plant in Grand Lake for 17 years. Mr. Carney married and had five children.

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