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The other thing that I had, found difficult to accept in Israel was the treatment of the Palestinians within Israel. We, maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but we are used in Canada to people being free and the Palestinians were, as far as I'm concerned, second class citizens because if they drove a vehicle they had a special coloured license on their vehicle which is different from the Israeli. They're kept basically in their own area. They don't have a passport so they can't get out type thing. If they want to travel they almost, it's really, really hard for them to travel. They almost have to go into Lebanon and go from there. So I saw a lot of that, that affected me because they were having a hard time and this was ‘90, ‘91. Interviewer: Can you share some stories will help us relate to the hard times that they were having? If your child is twelve years old and he gets caught up in the moment and they start throwing rocks at the Israeli patrol going through the area, and he's picked up, the next morning a bulldozer is at your parents' house and they bulldoze the house down. It's immediate justice, you know, and I saw that on several occasions.

Mr. Gallant tells us about the hardships of Palestinians in Israel as he witnessed them.

Fred Gallant

Born into an Acadian family in Mont-Carmel, Prince Edward Island, Mr. Gallant joined the Army and rose to the rank of Captain. He served two tours in Cyprus as part of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) during the 1970s and 1980s as Battery Captain. His methods helped many soldiers and his interventions most likely saved the lives of his own, and many Greeks and Turks. Years later, now a Major, he became a UN Military Observer as part of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation (UNTSO), maintaining the peace between Israel, Lebanon and Syria. He worked in all three middle eastern countries and has some eye opening stories to tell.

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