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Value Of Being Walked By Nurses

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Value Of Being Walked By Nurses


Mr. Tarling recalls the consistency in care by the nurses in getting him to walk.

Raymond Tarling

Mr. Raymond Tarling was born May 19, 1920 in Vancouver, British Columbia. After his schooling, Mr. Tarling decided to join the Air Force. He trained at the Calgary Wireless School and Lethbridge Gunnery School choosing an occupation of Wireless Air Gunner. After receiving this training, Mr. Tarling attended a year’s service of Instructing in London, Ontario, and was then posted overseas. Once in Nottinghamshire, Scotland, Mr. Tarling was assigned an instructor position and eagerness to participate in active service, he volunteered on the Wellington mission dropping leaflets over Northern France. During this time in Mr. Tarling’s career, he experienced a crash flight and was severely disfurged by the impact. Mr. Tarling was taken to East Grinstead Hospital in Enlgand where many surgeries and repairs to his face, hands and leg were performed. It was because of this tragedy, Mr. Tarling proudly became a member of the Guinea Pig Club. To this day Mr. Tarling takes great pride in his service and experiences at East Grinstead Hospital. After recovery from his injuries, Mr. Tarling returned to Canada married his long time sweetheart, Elsie, and raised a family.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Raymond Tarling
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Second World War
Air Force

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