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Welcome to the Veterans Affairs Canada Calendar of Events. The purpose of this calendar is to highlight national events of interest to Veterans, those with a connection to Canada’s military, past or present, and the Canadian public-at-large.

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Date Title Location
2022-08-18 Aug 18, 2022 One soldier, one flower Dieppe, France
2022-08-18 Aug 18, 2022 National Ceremony Tribute of the French State to the Allied Nations Dieppe, France
2022-08-18 Aug 18, 2022 Vigil Ceremony - Procession and Guards Hautot-sur-Mer, France
2022-08-19 Aug 19, 2022 Wreath laying ceremony at the Royal Regiment of Canada monument Dieppe, France
2022-08-19 Aug 19, 2022 Canadian commemoration ceremony for 19 August 1942 Dieppe, France
2022-08-20 Aug 20, 2022 The Warriors' Day Parade Toronto, ON
2022-08-20 Aug 20, 2022 Ceremony at the Pourville Memorial Hautot-sur-Mer, France
2022-08-20 Aug 20 to
Aug 21, 2022
Kakabeka Falls Legion Half Marathon & 8K Kakabeka Falls, ON P0T 1W0, ON
2022-08-21 Aug 21, 2022 Annual Veterans Appreciation Golf Tournament Milton, ON
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