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Battle of the Atlantic Student Question Sheet

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Read the 'Canada Remembers the Battle of the Atlantic' historical sheet and answer the following questions.

Section A: True or False

  1. The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest continuous battle of the Second World War.

    True or False
  2. The Battle of the Atlantic brought the war to Canada's doorstep; with U-boats torpedoing ships within sight of Canada's East Coast and even in the St. Lawrence River.

    True or False
  3. Between January and July 1942, more U-boats were sunk than merchant ships.

    True or False
  4. Germany developed torpedoes that were attracted to the noise made by a ship's propellers.

    True or False
  5. Approximately 2,000 personnel of the Royal Canadian Navy and 750 members of the Royal Canadian Air Force died during the Battle of the Atlantic.

    True or False

Section B: Multiple choices

  1. The Battle of the Atlantic began in...
    1. August 1939
    2. September 1939
    3. October 1939
    4. November 1939
  2. The German submarines were referred to as...
    1. Hunt ships
    2. Night hawks
    3. U-boats
    4. Wolf group
  3. Which three East Coast cities were busy Allied convoy ports during the Battle of the Atlantic?
    1. Halifax (Nova Scotia), Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island) and Saint John (New Brunswick)
    2. Halifax and Sydney (Nova Scotia) and St. John's (Newfoundland)
    3. Sydney (Nova Scotia), Saint John (New Brunswick) and St. John's (Newfoundland)
    4. Yarmouth and Sydney (Nova Scotia) and Dalhousie (New Brunswick)
  4. The zone in the central area of the Atlantic Ocean where many of the heaviest Allied convoy losses occurred was known as...
    1. The Black Pit
    2. The Danger Zone
    3. The Dead Spot
    4. The Troubled Area
  5. On October 14, 1942, 136 people died when this passenger ship was sunk as it crossed from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland.
    1. SS Caribou
    2. Edmund Fitzgerald
    3. Lusitania
    4. Titanic

Section C: Written answers

  1. What was the 'Battle of the Atlantic'?
  2. Name the three Canadian organizations that played a key role for the Allies in bringing supplies to Europe.
  3. How did technology play an important role in helping Allied air forces during the Battle of the Atlantic?
  4. What inventions made by Allied scientists helped sink German submarines during the Battle of the Atlantic?
  5. How many Merchant Navy personnel from Canada and Newfoundland died during the Battle of the Atlantic?
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