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Izzy Dolls and Isfeld Dogs!

Canadian Armed Forces members handing out Izzy Dolls in Africa in 2001.
(Photo: Department of National Defence ISD01-3125)

Landmines are dangerous weapons that are buried underground and can explode if someone walks on them. De-mining dogs have a super sense of smell and they use this skill to help find mines. Canadian Armed Forces engineers then carefully dig them out and take them apart so they cannot hurt anyone.

Master-Corporal Mark “Izzy” Isfeld of British Columbia worked clearing mines. He was also known for putting smiles on children’s faces in war-torn countries by passing out little handmade dolls his mother had made. Sadly, Mark was killed in a landmine explosion in Croatia in 1994. After his death, his parents, Carol and Brian, worked to continue his legacy. They made dolls for Canadian Armed Forces members to help them spread a little comfort around the world.

Recently, three de-mining dogs have been named Brian, Carol and Izzy in honour the Isfeld family.

Sergeant Bill, a Tough Old Goat!
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