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Mighty Warrior and Galloper Jack

Painting of Seely and Warrior at the front lines in 1918.
(Photo: AN19900084-001 Beaverbrook Collection of War Art © Canadian War Museum)

Major-General Jack Seely commanded the Canadian Cavalry in France during the First World War. He was well-liked, but not as popular as his brave, fast and tough horse named Warrior.

Warrior served on the front lines for four years, and he even led one of the last great cavalry charges in history with "Galloper Jack" Seely in his saddle.

Bonfire Jr. the horse

Warrior's loyalty to General Seely was so strong that he followed him around like a faithful dog, but it was obvious that General Seely was just as attached to Warrior. Once when Seely had to ride another horse, shellfire hit him and the animal was killed. The soldiers began to think of Warrior as a lucky charm.

Galloper Jack and Warrior had several close calls from bullets, shells, airplanes, mud and explosions, but somehow, when together, they always managed to survive. It is no wonder that Warrior's obituary dubbed him the "horse the Germans couldn't kill" when he finally died years later.

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