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Crossword Puzzle

Did you read the newspaper stories carefully? All the answers to the crossword clues are found in the newspaper.

Use the clues to fill in the correct answers, one letter per square, both across and down.

crossword puzzle


  • 2. Location of the new national Canadian memorial dedicated to animals that have served in war (6 letters).
  • 4. Mountainous country where Hughes the donkey has served (11 letters).
  • 8. Insect used during the First World War to read important messages at night (two words, 8 letters).
  • 9. Last name of the Canadian engineer who gave away Izzy dolls (6 letters).
  • 11. Name of the elephant that helped Jim Williams in the jungles of Burma during the Second World War (6 letters).
  • 12. HMCS Charlottetown was attacked and sank off the coast of this province in September 1942 (6 letters).


  • 1. Home province of Sergeant Bill the goat (12 letters).
  • 3. Type of passageway dug by soldiers during the First World War to go underground for protection on the front lines (6 letters).
  • 5. Country where Major-General Jack Seely commanded the Canadian Cavalry during the First World War (6 letters).
  • 6. Last name of the boy who designed the Forgotten Heroes animal memorial (8 letters).
  • 7. Name of the dog that served on Canadian destroyer HMCS Cayuga during the Korean War (5 letters).
  • 10. Little insects that could spread a disease called trench fever during the First World War (4 letters).
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