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Super Senses!

An Explosive Detection Dog Handler and his dog inspect a motorist in Kandahar.
(Photo: Department of National Defence IS2009-3076-11)

Hi, I am Gandy the dog. I’m from Newfoundland and Labrador. I discovered this cap badge for the Royal Newfoundland Regiment with a caribou on it! I really like the design. These proud beasts are a great choice to represent the regiment, as we have herds of caribou in my province.

Dogs like me have been used in times of war to deliver messages, carry medical supplies, and more. With our super-sniffing noses, dogs are still used by the Canadian Armed Forces today to help search for things like explosives. Dogs really are super sleuths! Not only can dogs smell explosives, but they can actually tell how people are feeling too.

New research has found that “man’s best friend” could be a lifesaver for Veterans. When soldiers return from troubled lands, they sometimes have a hard time getting thoughts of war from their minds, and this can make them very sad. Specially trained dogs can sense this in people and then provide comfort to these Veterans.

Gandy the dog
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