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True or False?

How well do you understand the stories in this newspaper? These sentences are either True or False. Collect all the letters you circled from the “True” column and use them to answer the question at the end.

True or False
Question True False
1. The cap badge of the 228th Overseas Battalion has a moose on it. W L
2. More than 66,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders died in the First World War. C B
3. Dogs have been used in times of war to deliver messages. A I
4. Dogs cannot be trained to find explosives. E O
5. Only animals that are native to Canada have been used on military badges. S P
6. The Royal Canadian Dragoons’ cap badge is a reminder of the South African War. R G
7. The Royal Canadian Air Force’s cap badge has a goose on it. D H
8. Messenger pigeons helped airmen during the Second World War. I E
9. Soldiers from the 8th Princess Louise’s Hussars saved a young horse in Italy. B D
10. Princess Louise the horse became an honorary Canadian citizen. O A
11. The lynx is the most common animal found on Canadian cap badges. F T
12. The Royal 22e Régiment’s nickname is the “VanDoos.” U Y

Question: What animal is found on the Royal Newfoundland Regiment’s cap badge?

Answer: _______________________________

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