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Tales of Animals in War - 2019 Edition

A train trip to remember

"All aboard! Woof! Hey everyone! It’s me, Gandy the dog. Did you know that Canadians have a long tradition of caring for others, whether here in Canada or around the world? It is true. We take an active role in helping bring peace to places in conflict."

“It makes my feathers ruffle with pride that soldiers from our rich Canadian mosaic proudly traded in their civilian shoes for combat boots to serve our country,” squawked Squeaker the pigeon.

“Did you know that train travel is another Canadian tradition? Before the days of airplanes and cars, railway tracks brought us together as a nation. In fact, trains were often used to transport Canadian soldiers across our vast land to the East Coast. There they would board troop ships to head overseas during times of war,” growled Win the bear.

“In fact, there were special ceremonies this spring at train stations across Canada in honour of the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy during the Second World War. The first event was held in Vancouver (my hometown) at the same station where many soldiers departed years ago. A pair of combat boots were placed onto the train to symbolize the long journey made by so many brave Canadians in uniform,” trumpeted Ellie the elephant.

“My Remembrance Clubhouse friends and I thought it would be fun to embark on a remembrance train journey of our own,” purred Simone the cat.

“We departed by train from the scenic West Coast. We chugged east, through the Rocky Mountains and into the wheat fields of the Prairies. Next up was the rugged Canadian Shield and a stop in the big city of Toronto. We visited the CN Tower… it made Ellie look so tiny! We travelled across La Belle Province and down into the Maritimes to our final destination, the port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. In times of war, Halifax was a hub for soldiers who were coming and going on transatlantic ships,” neighed Bonfire Jr. the horse.

"We learned so much on this trip," barked Gandy. “Along the way, we remembered those who served and we saw some great memorials. Canada really does have a rich military heritage! It made us proud to live in a peaceful country that helps others in need. It was an awesome voyage, leaving our paw prints from coast to coast, with a special highlight for each of us. It is important to honour those who have served. Where will you go in your hometown to remember them?”

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