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Garden of Remembrance

Newfoundland soldier holding forget-me-nots.
Photo: Sharon Adams, Legion Magazine

What better way is there to say thank you than with flowers?

Long a symbol of powerful emotions, flowers also play a role in reminding us of important moments in our history. Did you know, for example, that the daisy became a sign of resistance in the Netherlands during the Second World War? Or that Newfoundlanders wear forget-me-nots each July 1st in memory of those who fought and died at Beaumont-Hamel, France during the First World War’s Battle of the Somme?

We are asking Canadians to make remembrance more than something you feel. Make it something you do by planting a Garden of Remembrance!

What is a Garden of Remembrance, you ask? Whatever you want it to be! Virtual or real, at a local park or in your own backyard… let your imagination guide you!

Get started by checking out these great ideas, templates and resources:

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Happy gardening!

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