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2005 Remembrance Day Poster - Celebrate

The Government of Canada has declared 2005 the Year of the Veteran. Throughout the year, Canadians will remember, honour, celebrate, and teach our youth about the contributions and sacrifices of our veterans.

This poster is the first in a series to be unveiled during the Year of the Veteran. The photograph featured on this poster was taken May 7, 1945. It captures the enthusiasm of Dutch citizens celebrating the liberation of Utrecht by units of the 1st Canadian Corps. More than 7,600 Canadians died during the campaign to liberate the Netherlands (1944 - 1945). This shared tragedy, as well as the grit and determination embodied by Canadian soldiers and Dutch people alike, is the foundation of the powerful bond of friendship that remains between the two countries. The poster's release in 2005 pays tribute to the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands.

Though the sombre aspects of remembrance cannot be forgotten, it is important that Canadians celebrating all that our veterans have accomplished is part of the Canadian way. During times of conflict or peace, Canada's Armed Forces have consistently played an important role in establishing and maintaining peace in countries around the world. The scene depicted on this poster has been replayed many times and, while the people and places may change, the joy and celebration remain the same.

During 2005, and in the years to come, Veterans Affairs Canada is committed to honouring veterans and their service in Canada and abroad.

© Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada represented by the Minister of Veterans Affairs, 2005.

Credit: Alexander M.Stirton/Canada Dept. of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada/PA-140417

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