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2012 Remembrance Day Poster

Take Time to Remember

Veterans’ Week 2012, November 5 to 11

This year’s poster features the National War Memorial which stands majestically in Confederation Square in the heart of downtown Ottawa. The National War Memorial, unveiled in 1939 to commemorate the response of Canadians in the First World War, has over the years come to symbolize the sacrifice of all Canadians who have served Canada in times of war, armed conflict and peace.

Rising 21 metres from its base, the memorial consists of an arch of granite surmounted by emblematic bronze figures of Peace and Freedom. Shown advancing through the archway are 22 bronze figures symbolic of the “Great Response” of the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who answered the call to serve.

The tulips at the base of the monument symbolize Canada’s contribution in the liberation of the Netherlands. More than 7,600 Canadians gave their lives for freedom in the Netherlands and Canada would play another important role for the country. During the war, some members of the royal family of the Netherlands found sanctuary in Canada and in 1943, Princess Margriet was born in a section of the Ottawa Civic Hospital that was temporarily made territory of the Netherlands so the princess could be born on Dutch soil. These powerful connections helped form warm bonds of friendship and respect between the Dutch and the Canadians which continue to this day. The evidence of this enduring connection may be seen in the tulips—gifts from the Netherlands—which bloom in Ottawa each spring.

Take the Remembrance Challenge

Your challenge is to make remembrance more than something you feel. Make it something you do. There are many ways you can show that you remember and honour our Veterans:

  • Pin a poppy above your heart
  • Attend a local Remembrance Day ceremony
  • Listen to Veterans talk about their experiences
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Download the We Remember Mobile App
  • Create a mashup and share it on YouTube
  • Visit the Veterans Affairs Canada fan page on Facebook, write on our wall and share how you remember
  • Change your Facebook profile picture to a poppy, write on your wall about how you remember or create your own remembrance fan page

Visit to learn more about tulips and other flowers that symbolize remembrance, to get interactive and share your thoughts or to find Remembrance events in your community.

© Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Veterans Affairs, 2012

Original photography by Richard Lawrence Photography.

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