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2020 Veterans’ Week Poster

Canada Remembers the end of the Second World War

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. This bitter conflict raged for six years and saw over one million brave Canadians serve in uniform around the globe.

The war in Europe had ended with the surrender of Germany in May 1945, but the fighting continued against the Japanese in Asia and the Pacific. Finally, the opposing forces were forced to surrender, and Victory over Japan (V-J) Day was marked on 15 August 1945. Canada and many other countries would rejoice that the Second World War was over at last, but also grieve the heavy sacrifices that had been made.

This special commemorative poster features married Veterans Flying Officer Howard McNamara (Retired) and Corporal Anne McNamara (Retired) who both served with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Mr. McNamara was a pilot who saw action in North Africa and during the Italian Campaign, flying the famous Spitfire fighter plane. Mrs. McNamara (then Anne Goode) was a performer who took part in military entertainment shows in North America and Europe, helping keep morale high. At the bottom of the poster, Vicky (Goodyear) Luscombe is at the wheel of a Jeep full of happy Canadian service members in Vancouver as they celebrate the end of the conflict in August 1945.

How will you remember those who served and sacrificed during the Second World War?

For more information, including a podcast featuring the McNamaras sharing wartime stories, visit

Photo credits:

Mr. and Mrs. McNamara — Marie France L’Ecuyer

Historical image — Courtesy of Rob Luscombe and family

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