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Remembering the First World War (Ages 8-11)


To gain an appreciation of the achievements and sacrifices of Canadians who served in the First World War, to develop an understanding of the importance of remembering those who served and to develop an appreciation of what the loss of Canada's First World War Veterans means to Canadians.

Specific Learning Outcomes

After completing this module young people will:

  • have a better knowledge of war, peace, and remembrance;
  • be able to discuss the sacrifices of those who served Canada in wartime;
  • have a better understanding of the historical significance of the First World War; and
  • be able to express their understanding of the loss of Canada's First World War Veterans through: listening; reading; sharing orally; creating; writing; and reflecting.

Sequence of Activities and Anticipated Time Frames

Educators may choose to do some or all of the following activities:

Class Materials

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