Additional Activities (Ages 12-18)

The poster activity can serve as a good entry point to learn more about the First World War and the participation and sacrifices of Canadians in the war. Here are some other ideas to improve your knowledge and appreciation of this important time in our history.

  • Poster Design Activity: have the youth create a poster of their own to highlight the achievements and sacrifices of Canadians during the First World War. It could include historical elements of significant Canadian battles, personal elements of individual Canadians who served in the war, and remembrance elements to show why it is important to reflect on the sacrifices and achievements of those who served in the war.
  • First World War Multimedia Presentation: have the youth work together to create a multimedia/electronic slideshow on the achievements and sacrifices of Canadians during the First World War. These presentations may include maps, historical pictures of trenches and battles, photographs of family members who served in the war, music from the era and even film clips.
  • 'Those Who Served' Activity: have the youth research a family member or person from their community who served in uniform or contributed on the home front during the First World War. Encourage them to interview descendants who know family stories about that person or talk to a local historian. They could then share their findings with each other and even compile their research into a book of reflection.
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