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Commemorative Poster

With the loss of Canada’s last known First World War Veteran, a nation mourns the passing of an entire generation—a generation that sacrificed so much to protect their country. On this momentous occasion, Veterans Affairs Canada issued a special commemorative poster, Canada Remembers the First World War. The poster celebrates and honours the contributions of all 650,000 Canadians who served in what was once known as the war to end all wars.

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Poster Images

Overlooking the poster images stands the sombre St. Julien Memorial. This Canadian memorial in France stands in memory of thousands of Canadian lives lost. (Photo: Veterans Affairs Canada)

The soldier looks up from his work, digging into the ground as the trench line moves forward. He lives and fights in the dark and damp quarters of the trenches. (Photo: Library and Archives Canada PA-000253 - Repairing Trenches. 22nd Infantry battalion
(French Canadian), July 1916.)

A moment of glory is reflected on the faces of the Canadian soldiers. As they move from battle to battle, they will accomplish great victories but will lose many comrades. (Photo: Library and Archives Canada PA-001332 - Canadian soldiers returning from Vimy Ridge, May 1917.)

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