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Lesson Plan: Hugs Await Izzy Dolls In Afghanistan


To increase youth awareness of Canadian Armed Forces efforts in Afghanistan.


Youth will:

  • learn about Canadians who helped the people of Afghanistan; and
  • learn about the story of Izzy dolls in Afghanistan and humanitarian aid.

Target Audience

This activity is suitable for ages 5 to 7.

Sequence of Events and Anticipated Time Frame [35 minutes]

(This activity can be modified to fit available time.)

  • Discussion [10 minutes]
  • Read Aloud [10 minutes]
  • Maze Activity [15 minutes]


  • Hugs Await Izzy Dolls in Afghanistan story (PDF)
  • Hugs Await Izzy Dolls in Afghanistan maze (PDF)

Discussion [10 minutes]

Provide children with a bit of a background about the Afghanistan mission. Talk about how the War in Afghanistan began in 2001. Mention to them that this was a long time ago – before they were even born!

You may wish to show them where Afghanistan is on a map and how far away it is from Canada. You can talk about why Canadians went to Afghanistan. Explain that the soldiers were defending people who were being bullied by people in their own country.

Share that March 2014 marked the end of the mission and the return of the last Canadian troops. Talk about why it is important to recognize, remember and say thank you to those Canadians who bravely served in Afghanistan.

Discuss what life might have been like for children living in Afghanistan during the war. What would it be like to have a war in your country where people are always fighting? Talk about how it may have been an uncomfortable place for kids. What would they have felt? Scared? Sad?

Talk about what makes us feel good when we are sad or scared. Talk about how items such as teddy bears can usually cheer us up when we are feeling down.

Read Aloud [10 minutes]

Read aloud the Hugs Await Izzy Dolls in Afghanistan story (PDF) from the December 2005 issue of The Maple Leaf, a Canadian Armed Forces and Department of National Defence publication.

Maze Activity [15 minutes]

Following the read aloud, provide the children with a Hugs Await Izzy Dolls in Afghanistan maze (PDF).

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