Question Sheet: Heroes Remember D-Day Video

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  1. Embarkation
    How many identity discs did each Canadian soldier have around his neck on D-Day?
  2. The Crossing
    Why did many soldiers feel ill on their way over to France on D-Day?
  3. Getting Ashore
    What happened to some of the soldiers when they left their landing craft in water that was too deep?
  4. What was in the sea that destroyed many ships sailing into France on D-Day?
  5. How heavy was the equipment carried by many of the soldiers on D-Day?
  6. On the Beach
    What was the purpose of the flail tanks that were used on the D-Day beaches?
  7. What did the Germans have that allowed them to shoot Allied soldiers as they came off the beach?
  8. What did many of the dying soldiers say as they lay on the beach on D-Day?
  9. Advancing Inland
    What was the farthest distance the Canadians pushed inland on D-Day?
  10. How many empty beds in Georgina Seely’s army hospital would be filled on D-Day?
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