Question Sheet - The Canadian Armed Forces and the Gulf War Fact Quest

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  1. Where did the Gulf War take place?

  2. What act of aggression sparked the Gulf War and when did it take place? What were some of the motivations behind Iraq’s actions?

  3. How many Canadian Armed Forces members in total served in the conflict? What was the largest number of Canadians who served there at one time?

  4. What warships were with the Canadian Naval Task Force during the period of the Gulf War?

  5. What was the name of the airbases in Qatar from which Canadian CF-18s operated? What role did our warplanes play?

  6. Previous to the Gulf War, what had been the last conflict in which Canadians had launched air-to-surface attacks?

  7. What ‘first’ took place during the Gulf War that related to female Canadian Armed Forces members?

  8. When did the active fighting begin with the onset of the Coalition air campaign? When did the Coalition ground campaign kick off?

  9. What was the name given to the build-up of Coalition forces in the Persian Gulf region? What was the military codename of Canada’s participation in the conflict?

  10. What role did Canadian Armed Forces members play in the region following the end of the Gulf War?
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