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Youth remember the Gulf War

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Treats from home!

In 1990, the country of Iraq invaded their small neighbouring country of Kuwait in the Middle East. Iraq wanted to take over Kuwait and get control of its oil. Selling oil can make a country rich. Many countries around the world did not like Iraq acting like such a bully. As a result, those countries got together and told Iraq they would fight them unless they got out of Kuwait.

The President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, ignored this threat and kept his army in Kuwait. As a result, the Gulf War began. It is named that because both Kuwait and Iraq are located on the coast of the body of water known as the Persian Gulf.

Thousands of men and women in uniform from many countries like Canada arrived ready to fight Iraq for bullying its small neighbour. As many as 4,000 Canadian men and women were part of the group that came to help. It is an awfully long way to go and it would have been hard to leave families and friends behind in Canada. Do you know the Gulf War is the first time women ever served in combat? There were likely many parents who had to leave their families to serve far away.

In this painting, two members of a helicopter's crew look out a door at the ship HMCS Terra Nova as it was sailing in the Persian Gulf. One member is holding a line connected to a net full of packages and letters from friends and family at home in Canada. Three sailors aboard the ship are standing ready to receive the packages. You can imagine they were excited to receive these treats and friendly messages from home!

The Canadians that went all that way to help Kuwait managed to help send the Iraqi troops back to their own country and free Kuwait. Fortunately no Canadian Armed Forces died in the Gulf War. However, being in a war is dangerous, and there were many risks for the people who served there. They should be remembered for their bravery.

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