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Jeopardy Answers

  1. What is "Juno Beach".
  2. Who is "General Crerar"
  3. When was "September to November 1944".
  4. What is "Fortress Europe".
  5. What is "to clear German occupied French ports along the English Channel coast to the north and east of the Normandy beaches".
  6. What is Brussels".
  7. What is "buzz bomb"
  8. What is the "Buffalo" transport vehicle.
  9. What are "Ypres" and "Passchendaele".
  10. What is "Antwerp".
  11. What is "Dieppe".
  12. What is the "White Brigade".
  13. What is the "Scheldt River".
  14. Who is "Lieutenant-General Simonds".
  15. What is "more than one million".
  16. What is "more than 800".
  17. What is "approximately 80 kilometres".
  18. What is "to provide a safe facility for allied ships to offload supplies for the soldiers on the ground".
  19. What is "Canada".
  20. Who is "Major David Vivian Currie".
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