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Question Sheet – The Battle of the Scheldt Fact Quest

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  1. What important event of the Second World War occurred on June 6, 1944?
  2. Following the end of the Normandy campaign in late August 1944, what task was soon given to the First Canadian Army?
  3. Why was opening up the Scheldt estuary so important for the Allied efforts during the Second World War?
  4. The Scheldt estuary runs through what two countries?
  5. What does an “amphibious” assault mean?
  6. Name two other Allied countries whose soldiers participated in the Battle of the Scheldt under Canadian command.
  7. Name the areas where the four Canadian led military operations took place during the Battle of the Scheldt.
  8. On what date did the Battle of the Scheldt begin in earnest and when did it end?
  9. What made the taking of the island of Walcheren so challenging?
  10. How many Canadians were killed or wounded during the Battle of the Scheldt?
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