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Teacher Answer Sheet

  1. On what hill does the memorial stand?
    1. Hill 145
  2. What is the name of the artist who designed the memorial?
    1. Walter Seymour Allward
  3. When was the Canadian National Vimy Memorial unveiled by King Edward VIII?
    1. July 26, 1936
  4. How many names are engraved on the Canadian National Vimy Memorial and what do they have in common?
    1. The names of 11,285 Canadian soldiers are on the memorial. These were men who were killed in France during the First World War and whose final resting place was unknown at the time the memorial was constructed.
  5. On what date and holiday did the Battle of Vimy Ridge begin?
    1. Easter Monday, April 9, 1917.
  6. How many French, English and Moroccan soldiers died in previous attacks on Vimy Ridge?
    1. Over 200,000 soldiers.
  7. How many Canadians died in the Battle of Vimy Ridge?
    1. 3,600 Canadian soldiers died during the battle.
  8. How many Canadians died in the First World War?
    1. More than 66,000 Canadians died in the First World War.
  9. What is trench foot?
    1. Trench foot is an infection that results when feet are cold and wet in constrictive shoes or boots, leading to a condition similar to frostbite.
  10. How many sculpted figures can be found on the memorial?
    1. 20 sculptures can be found.
  11. What are the names of the eight statues that make up the 'chorus' on the memorial?
    1. Justice, Peace, Faith, Honour, Hope, Charity, Truth and Knowledge.
  12. Name three things engraved on top of the memorial’s tomb.
    1. A helmet, a sword, maple leaves, and laurel leaves.
  13. What is the figure holding in the "Justice" sculpture at the top of the memorial?
    1. A sword.
  14. Use the 'In Memoriam' search function to find a fallen soldier whose name is engraved on the memorial (maybe somebody with the same last name as yours). Where was he from? How old was he when he died?
    1. Responses will vary.
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