Simone at Juno Beach

Simone at Juno Beach Centre

Juno Beach Centre
Photo: Veterans Affairs Canada

During her summer vacation, Simone went to France. She was very impressed with the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Simone learned a lot about the Second World War. She visited many museums. The one she liked the most was the Juno Beach Centre, in Normandy.

Canada built this museum to tell the story of what Canadians did to help the French people during the Second World War.

Simone is so proud that they will organize their own remembrance ceremony. She knows what she will bring to the ceremony: a wreath. Wreaths honour everyone who protected peace and freedom worldwide. She willlay the wreath and think about what Canadians did in France.

Help Simone colour in the wreath

  • 1 - Red
  • 2 - Green
  • 3 - Yellow
  • 4 - Blue
  • 5 - Black
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