Gandy has a brilliant idea

Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial
Photo: VAC

While Ellie is finishing her story, Gandy moves to a quiet corner of the Clubhouse. His friends go over and gather around him.

“Why do you look so sad, Gandy?” asks Simone.

“Well,” says Gandy, “hearing your stories made me think about my trip. At the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial, in France, I took part in a candlelight ceremony. It was beautiful, but very sad.”

Gandy takes a deep breath and talks about the Battle of the Somme, during the First World War. Many soldiers from Newfoundland were killed on July 1st, 1916. “To remember those soldiers,” Gandy says, “a memorial was built on the battlefield. A statue of a caribou, a symbol of my province, stands at the top.”

Everyone is quiet.

Students taking part in a Candlelight Ceremony
Photo: VAC

“You know, Gandy,” says Bonfire Jr., “that’s why we’re here! To remember and to honour those who have lost their lives in war. You’ve just told us a story of Newfoundland soldiers and my cousin Valerio told us the story of his grandfather helping Canadian soldiers in Italy. These stories help us remember those who have fought for peace.”

“I’ve got an idea!” says Gandy. “As part of our remembrance ceremony, we could each light a candle, in memory of all those soldiers!”

What a brilliant idea!

True or False


How well do you understand the stories of Ellie and Gandy? The sentences to the right are either True or False. Collect all the letters you’ve circled from the “True” column and use them to solve the question below.

True or False
Question True False
Ellie travelled to Africa. Q S
Ellie learned about Canada in the First World War. B T
Gandy was excited when Ellie finished her story. T A
Gandy went to Beaumont-Hamel. E H
Ellie saw the city of Ypres. L G
Ellie was at Menin Gate. G I
Gandy took part in a peace crane activity. U P
Gandy saw the statue of a caribou. I Y
Ellie bought a book about the Unknown Soldier. T A
Ellie will practice very hard to play The Last Post. U S
Gandy suggested each should light a candle. M O
Gandy wrote a Postcard for Peace. R S

Question: Country where John McCrae wrote his poem In Flanders Fields in 1915.

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