Squeaker in Afghanistan

Squeaker in Afghanistan

It is finally Squeaker’s turn to speak. “I just returned from a country called Afghanistan. Unlike the places where most of you went this summer, Afghanistan is still at war. I visited the men and women from my hometown who are serving there.”

“I always liked to watch the soldiers march to the cenotaph on Remembrance Day. After last year’s ceremony, a nice soldier named Pauline shared her sandwich with me. She told me her unit would soon be leaving for Afghanistan. I think they are very brave!”

“I wanted to do something nice for them. To remind them of home, I collected some Postcards for Peace from the students at the elementary school. It was a long trip, but I carried them myself to Afghanistan. I had to fly over high mountains and wide rocky deserts, but finally I saw it! There, in the distance, was a big red and white flag with a maple leaf.”

Canadian soldier in Afghanistan reading letter from home.
Photo: Department of national Defence AR2008Z11904

“At last, I had reached the Canadian camp and there was Pauline and her unit! I gave her the Postcards for Peace and she loved them. She couldn’t wait to share them with the rest of her unit. She told me that Canadians like her are in Afghanistan trying to bring peace and freedom to the people there. This is what Canadian military members have often done when people in other countries need help... they go into danger to help others.”

The Clubhouse animals are wide-eyed, listening to Squeaker’s story. Reaching into his vest pocket, he removes something very special Pauline had given him to take back to Canada. It is a letter for her family and friends that Pauline asked Squeaker to bring to them.

Squeaker says, “Would anyone mind if we invited Pauline’s family and friends to our remembrance ceremony and give them the letter in person?”

The Remembrance Clubhouse friends nod their heads eagerly.

“Let’s start planning the ceremony!”

Logic Puzzle

Bag of Animals

Four characters from the Remembrance Clubhouse are heading to the town cenotaph to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony. The four characters each carry a remembrance-related object in a different bag.

Fill in the chart using the clues to discover what animal carries which remembrance object in which bag.


  1. In her green bag, Win does not carry the tulip.
  2. The animal with the Canada pin is the only one with wings.
  3. The tulip carried by Bonfire Jr. is not in a black or a white bag.
  4. Simone carries her remembrance object in a white bag.
  5. The object displaying a flag is in the black bag.
  6. The poppy is in a green bag.
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