Furry Friends

Simone the Cat

Lucy the monkey.
Canadian Press / Bill Graveland

Purr! Cats like me and my ancestor Simon are good at offering furry comfort and a friendly ear to help people feel better. Many other kinds of animals have been special pets during times of war, keeping people company when they were far away from home. Lots of dogs have been official or unofficial pets, and other animals like ferrets, squirrels, mice and birds have also been special friends to lonely soldiers over the years. But I have to say the Canadian Forces members serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan, have a pretty unique pet, a monkey named Lucy!

We Remembrance Clubhouse animals are very proud of our brave relatives. Many Canadians have served in the military and a lot of people have their own courageous family members. You know what? I think you should ask your parents or grandparents if they know of any relatives, friends or neighbours who have served in the cause of peace and freedom. Then you can learn about these real-life heroes for yourself!

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