Movers and Shakers

Ellie the Elephant

Pack horses transporting ammunition for the
Canadian Field Artillery, April 1917.
LAC PA-001231

Did you know that many animals, like my ancestor Bandoola, have transported supplies during wartime in areas where vehicles couldn’t travel over rough terrain?

In the First World War, horses often transported soldiers and cannons into battle. Donkeys and mules carried supplies in mountainous Italy and in the jungles of Asia during the Second World War. Sometimes, they even gave tired soldiers a ride! Reindeer and camels did the same in the snowy Arctic and the arid desert.

Elephants, strong and smart like me, carried supplies and helped to build roads and camps in the jungles of Burma during the Second World War.

Brave beasts always pull their weight!

Diggers and Sniffers
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