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Pacific Star

Pacific Star


Campaign Stars and Medals (1939-1954)

Pacific Star


The Pacific Star is a Second World War medal.

Eligibility and criteria

The star was awarded for one day or more of operational service in the Pacific between 08 December 1941 and 02 September 1945.

Navy and Merchant Navy personnel are eligible if the 1939-45 Star is earned by six months service or if they entered the Pacific Theatre between 2 March 1945 and 2 September 1945.


The six–pointed star is yellow copper zinc alloy. The obverse has a central design of the Royal and Imperial cypher, surmounted by a crown. The cypher is surrounded by a circlet containing the words ‘The Pacific Star’.

Stars issued to Australian personnel have recipient names engraved on the plain reverse.

The ribbon consists of seven coloured stripes: red, narrow dark blue, green, narrow yellow green, narrow light blue, and red. The colours represent the forests, the beaches, and the Army, Navy and Air Force.


If later entitled to the Burma star, the BURMA bar would be worn.

When the ribbon is worn alone a silver rosette ribbon emblem is worn to denote the award of a bar.

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