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King George V Silver Jubilee Medal (1935).  A circular, silver medal (1.25 inches in diameter).

King George V Silver Jubilee Medal (1935)


Commemorative Medals

King George V Silver Jubilee Medal (1935)


This medal was to mark the 25th year of the accession of King George V to the throne.

Eligibility and criteria

This medal was awarded to the Royal Family, officers of state, officials and servants of the royal household, ministers, government officials, mayors, public servants, local government officials, members of the navy, army, air force and police in Britain, her colonies, and in Canada.


A circular, silver medal 1.25 inches in diameter. For mounting there a ring attaches to a double scroll claw on the upper edge of the medal.

The obverse features the conjoined effigies of King George V and Queen Mary, crowned and robed, facing left. The legend around the top edge reads GEORGE · V · AND · QUEEN · MARY · MAY · VI · MCMXXV ·

The reverse displays the Royal Cypher GVR surmounted by an Imperial Crown and on the left is the date MAY 6 / 1910 in two lines, and on the right the date: MAY 6 / 1935. The border is ornate.

The red ribbon is 1.25 inches wide, with three narrow stripes dark blue, white, and dark blue at each edge.

Historical notes

  • There were 7,500 medals to Canadians, of which 1,154 were to the Canadian Forces. A total of 85,235 were issued.
  • In the Canada Gazette Supplement 04 May 1935, all the names of the recipients are listed (64 pages). This is the only coronation or commemorative medal where this has been done
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