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Page 124 - In the Service of Canada

Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower

This page is displayed in the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower in Ottawa on the following days:

  • March 2
  • June 26
  • October 20

About the names on this page

For more information about the individuals listed on this page, click on their names below to take you to their corresponding page in the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

  1. Captain
    Flewin, George John
    Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery
    17 January 1964

  2. Flying Officer
    Sankey, Paul Douglas
    No. 3 Advanced Flying School
    13 May 1964

  3. Corporal
    Heyninck, Leo Felix
    Royal Canadian Engineers
    3 June 1964

  4. Flying Officer
    Nadon, Joseph Michel Gerald
    No. 2 Flying Training School
    6 October 1964

  5. Flying Officer
    Bourgeault, Robert Errol William
    No. 1 Flying Training School
    4 November 1964

  6. Captain
    Fleury, Harvey Alfred
    4th Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
    14 December 1964

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