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Page 83 - In the Service of Canada

Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower

This page is displayed in the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower in Ottawa on the following days:

  • February 13
  • June 9
  • October 3

About the names on this page

For more information about the individuals listed on this page, click on their names below to take you to their corresponding page in the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

  1. Able Seaman
    Ford, Frederick James
    880 Anti-Submarine Squadron, RCN
    30 January 1957

  2. Wing Commander
    Easson, James Garvin , DFC, CD
    Air Materiel Command Headquarters
    1 March 1957

  3. Sub-Lieutenant
    Komarnisky, Morris
    881 Squadron, RCN
    18 March 1957

  4. Flying Officer
    Levere, Odey
    Harcourt No. 3 (Fighter) Wing
    29 May 1957

  5. Lieutenant
    Prout, Derek Armstrong
    870 Fighter Squadron, RCN
    31 May 1957

  6. Flying Officer
    Myers, James Stuart
    430 (Fighter) Squadron
    28 August 1957

  7. Corporal
    Pennell, Kenneth Earlwood
    The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    15 September 1957

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