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James Primmer Combden

In memory of:

Able Seaman James Primmer Combden

June 8, 1943

Brooklyn, New York

Military Service

Service Number:







Royal Navy


HMS Asbury

Additional Information

Son of George and Lillian Mary Combden, of Fogo, Newfoundland.

Commemorated on Page 151 of the Newfoundland Book of Remembrance. Request a copy of this page.

Burial Information


New York, United States of America

Grave Reference:

Sec. Grave 25478. Post


Suffolk County

Information courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Digital Collection

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  • Picture of James Primmer Combden
  • Picture of James and his girlfriend Winnie
  • Grave site– Great-niece visiting James's burial site, Long Island National Cemetery,
New York, USA.
  • Birthday Card– A birthday card sent to James from his girlfriend Winnie.
  • Letter Page 1– Dear Brother,
I received yours and Dulcie's letters of June 21st yesterday. They were a few days on the go, eh? But still it reached me o.k. As regards to news, well there's not a big lot for me to say. It's a very good ship which I'm on now, only she is much smaller
  • Letter Page 2– than the "Tiree". Boy that was a good ship, of course she was brand new, and so we had to keep her spic and span. I was on her about 5 months.
I guess I will be on leave again before this letter reaches home, as the ship is due for a "boiler cleaning" about the middle of next month (sept). Of course I will be going to London to see the Mrs.(ah ah). What do you think of our photo Tit? I had letter from Winnie yesterday, she said that she had a very nice letter from home. One of the NFLDers who was
  • Letter Page 3– on the "Ben Earn" with me, is getting married sometime this month. He comes from Hr. Buffett. Well Tit tomorrow is my birthday. Another 75 years
and I will be a 100. (ah ah). I suppose by now you have started at the "falls fishing". How did you do during the summer. The next thing then will be the bold birds and turrs. Boy they have some cramped up names for the birds over here. I see lots of turrs while at sea, but they have a different name
  • Letter Page 4– for them here. I seem to see you fellows punching out through "East Tickle" some morning with a little wind in Northern. Never mind I may be in the
stern of the punt again some day with the old 3/4 covered up with an oil jacket. (Killo)  Have you been able to get a house anywhere yet. I know        it must be awfully crowded with all of you living together. I've often said that
I'm not going back as soon as the war is over. You see Tit it wouldn't be much good for me, or any of you, as
  • Letter Page 5– I know there is quite crowd enough as there is, especially if I should be bringing a wife with me, which no doubt I will. But then, as there's still a
war on, things may be changed a lot before its over. I've been ashore here a few times in my new base. It's a fair size town, and its very crowded. There's people of all sorts and from everywhere, and one must watch himself closely in getting around especially in the "black-out".
  • Letter Page 6– Well Tit, I can't think of anything more to write about, so that means I will
have to ring off. Cheers for now. 
Best regards to all.

Your Loving Brother, Jim
I will now write a line to

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