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Remembrance Day

Video Gallery

Joining Up at Age 15

Mr. Doherty recalls how he was able to join the Navy at age 15, and his motivation for doing so.

Foundations of Leadership

Mr. Connelly discusses his philosophy of leadership and its foundations.


Mr. Reitsma talks about coping with the stresses of war.

The Great Escape

Mr. McKiel describes the Great Escape, discovery of the deception, and the fate of recaptured escapees.

The Squadron is a Family

Mr. Hawn explains how the entire squadron, including the civilian families of those enlisted, is a family. He describes his role in the family while commanding officer of 416 Squadron, and explains how civilian families are taken care of while their loved ones are sent away on a mission.

All Equals

Mr Borchert explains his appreciation for Veterans who encouraged him to succeed during his service, and how all soldiers are equal no matter of race.

Nicosia, Cyprus - No Man’s Land

Mr. Neepin explains some of the history of the conflict in Cyprus, and the significance of Nicosia.


Mr. Grossinger talks about being in Afghanistan and what it was like to be in a combat situation. He describes the environment and the physical challenges of being there. He also talks about going through caves when looking for the enemy.

Irish, French Or English

Mr. Toney discusses his recruitment and the army’s failure to accept his Aboriginal heritage, forcing him to enlist as an Irish Catholic.

Living on relief

Mr. Evans describes his family life before enlistment, the hard work and the poverty.

A Gun Sergeant’s Duty

Mr. Bannerman speaks about his responsibility as a gun sergeant and the loyalty of the crew during wartime service.

Canada’s Role in Providing Aid

Mr. Campbell explains the role of the Canadian military during a tour in Somalia.

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