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D-Day and the Battle of Normandy


A Look at the Channel on D-Day

Mr. Fox describes the view of the English Channel on D-Day from a pilot’s perspective.

First D-Day Operation

Mr. Smith describes seeing the Allied naval barrage at Normandy and chasing four ME-109's away from the combat zone.

Sixty Days of Battle

Mr. Chiasson recalls doing battle sixty days without a break!

Casualty Clearing Station

Reaching the assembly point, Mr. Hannam is busy recording casualties while at the same time assisting wounded infantrymen.

Encounter at Beny-sur-Mer

Mr. Bruce describes a touching encounter with a child survivor of the Allied advance through Beny-sur-Mer, during a post-war pilgrimage.

Taking of the City of Caen

Mr. Cromwell speaks of the first big push into Caen witnessing the sight of planes and bombs being dropped very close to their trenches.

Crossing the English Channel to Normandy

Mr. Ross describes his activities during the night crossing toward the beaches of Normandy, as thousands of Allied vessels moved forward.

Falaise Gap

Mr. Champoux describes how the Germans were attempting to escape. He also describes the destruction on the road of the Falaise Gap.

Preparing for D-Day (Part 1)

Mr. Gorsline talks about the time leading-up to D-Day.

D-Day: Germans on the Run

Mr. Doherty recalls events surrounding the D-Day invasion; coastal minesweeping, cancellation and reinstatement of the offensive, and how well it was orchestrated. He also remarks on how feeling, that the Allies now had the Germans on the run, affected morale.

He’s the first guy I saw dead on the beach

Mr. Hall describes the chaos of D-Day and a chance meeting with his brother.

D-Day Patients

Ms. Seeley remembers D-Day and speaks of several moving experiences with her patients.

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